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Meet Bui Gia Han, born on October 28, 2009, residing in Shanghai, China. This adorable girl has captured hearts with her stunning looks and charming personality. Often compared to Angela Baby, Gia Han has become a sensation on social media platforms, garnering a significant following and attracting attention from fashion brands.


Gia Han possesses a perfectly balanced facial structure, with captivating round eyes and an endearing smile. People can’t help but be enchanted by her beauty and innocence, longing for a daughter like her. Her Weibo account boasts nearly 600,000 followers, a number that continues to grow.

Gia Han’s popularity extends beyond social media, as she has become a sought-after figure in the advertising industry. Numerous children’s fashion brands have approached her to be their representative model, and she has excelled in her performances. Her photos, videos, and live streams always generate immense viewership, followers, and engagement.


Almost all of Gia Han’s outfits are sponsored by brands, and her Weibo posts prominently feature their presence. As a result, she receives well-deserved remuneration for her collaborations. Her early fame has contributed to a substantial fan base, but it also poses challenges in managing her studies and daily life.

Gia Han’s parents play a crucial role in ensuring she maintains a balanced life. They assist her in managing photoshoots and ad filming schedules, carefully allocating time for play, study, and work. This delicate equilibrium allows Gia Han to pursue her education while embracing her newfound stardom.

Bui Gia Han has captured the attention and adoration of people across China with her remarkable beauty and natural charm. Her rise to fame on social media and in the advertising industry has brought her numerous opportunities and a loyal fan base.


While juggling the demands of her blossoming career and education, Gia Han continues to enchant audiences with her delightful presence.


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