Ronaldo’s legendary journey: ‘Golden hero’ brought Al Nassr to the final of the Arab Champions Cup with a celebration of Viral Siuu .15

After being seen photographing Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous “siuu” celebration as an Al Nassr teammate, Alex Telles may have just taken the sports image of the year.

In the Arab team Champions Cup semifinal, the Saudi Arabian team upset Iraqi champions Al-Shorta thanks to a goal from Ronaldo.

The former Manchester United left-back invented a fictitious gesture to capture Ronaldo’s moment during the celebration.

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Telles is seen gliding through the grass as he takes a picture with his hands in a video that has since gone viral on social media.Before teaming up again at Al Nassr during the summer transfer window, Telles and Ronaldo briefly played together at Manchester United.

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After defeating Al-Shorta, Al Nassr will compete against Saudi heavyweights Al Hilal on Saturday, August 12.

Ronaldo, who lost the Saudi Pro League championship to Al Ittihad the previous season, might win his first prize with Al Nassr.


Ronaldo hails his teammates from Al NassrRonaldo’s earlier goal propels Al Nassr to the Arab Cup final in the video below:

Following their most recent success, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid forward thanked his teammates and club supporters.

Polo responds to Ronaldo’s Saudi assertion

Cristiano Ronaldo's Iconic 'Siuu' Celebration Captured By Alex Telles As It Turns A Decade Old | Watch

Mohammed Ahmed Polo, a former football player from Ghana, claimed that before Cristiano Ronaldo visited Saudi Arabia, he increased interest in Arab football.

Cristiano Ronaldo breaks out in tears of laughter while watching a humorous promotional film after a successful start to the new season at Al-Nassr | Nigeria

Between 1979 and 1984, Mohammed Polo, as he is fondly referred to around the globe, played for Emirati team Al Wasl and was the talk of the Gulf.

Al Nassr upset Iraqi champions Al-Shorta thanks to the 38-year-old’s game-winning goal, securing a spot in the championship game against rival Al Hilal.

38-year-old superstar Cristiano Ronaldo scored a penalty as Al Nassr beat Al Shorta 1-0 in the semi-finals of the Arab Club Champions Cup.

Score: Ronaldo penalty 75

In the 73rd minute, Sadio Mane broke through in the penalty area and fell after the impact of defender Faisal Jasim. The ball fell near Ronaldo but he did not enter the game but ran to the referee to pressure for a penalty. Moments later, when Al Shorta had the ball, the referee stopped the game to go out on the touchline to review the situation because VAR intervened. Then the referee blew a penalty for Al Nassr, and Ronaldo did not miss this opportunity to shoot to the right corner to open the score.

Ronaldo ran to the corner of the field to dance to celebrate, then nudge Mane’s chest. The stands also sounded “siuuu” when Ronaldo jumped high, then the audience turned on their phones and turned on the lights to shine on the field to create a bokeh effect.


Mane played more prominently than Ronaldo in this match, with dribbles creating mutations against the multi-layered defense of the Iraqi club. In the 86th minute, Mane fell again in the penalty area, causing VAR to intervene again, but this time the referee did not blow the penalty. Two minutes later, Mane hung the ball as if to let Ronaldo head without anyone from 5m, but goalkeeper Ahmed Basil Fadhil poured a beautiful save. Al Shorta counter-attacked soon after, bringing midfielder Ahmed Farhan down to face him, but his shot failed to pass goalkeeper Nawaf Alaqidi.

Ronaldo in an attempt to dribble in the win against Al Shorta. Photo: AlNassr

Al Shorta is the defending champion Iraq, with an Opta Power rating of 74.6, compared to Al Nassr 77.7. Al Shorta’s composition has many Iraqi players – the team will face Vietnam in the group stage of the 2024 Asian Cup and the second qualifying round of the 2026 World Cup. This club plays well until conceding a goal, when preventing stars like Ronaldo, Mane or Marcelo Brozovic dominated.

Ronaldo was congratulated in the 31st minute, also from a sudden turn of Mane. However, the VAR at that time determined that the 38-year-old superstar was offside, although only a few centimeters apart. Then, Ronaldo nearly set up Alex Telles, but the defender’s shot bounced off the crossbar.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Saudi Arabia switch another symbol of Chinese football's decline | South China Morning Post

After the final whistle, the Al Nassr players ran to hug each other to celebrate, and they especially congratulated goalkeeper Alaqidi with an important save at the end of the game. In the stands, a fan lit flares to celebrate Al Nassr reaching the final. Their opponents are Al Hilal or Al Shabab, August 12.

Ronaldo has scored in four consecutive games, climbing to the top of the top scorer race, overtaking Karim Benzema. He also has the opportunity to break more than two years of empty titles, when Al Nassr only needs one more victory.

Ronaldo Scores Crucial Goal to Power Al Nassr to Arab Cup Final, Video -

The Arab Club Champions Cup is an annual tournament for Arab clubs in the Middle East and North Africa. Al Nassr attended this year’s tournament at the invitation of the Arab Football Association, without having to play in the qualifiers. The tournament took place from July 27 to August 12 in Saudi Arabia, with 16 teams divided into four groups of four teams each, choosing the top two teams to advance to the quarterfinals.


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