Serbian man saves 1,200 dogs, but 750 four-legged friends still live in his shelter. np

Animals do not care if a person is rich, whether he has a house, what religion he adheres to or what race he is. They need only care, love and affection, then you will become the best and closest friend for the pet. However, not all people respect our smaller brothers and throw them out into the street like unnecessary trash. We want to tell you about a man who radically changed his life and the lives of many others.


In 2008, Sasha Pesic, who lives in Serbia, decided to build a dog shelter. But the man, most likely, did not think that he would be so crowded. Now 750 dogs live in his shelter.

It all started with the fact that the man was returning home after a hard day’s work. On the way, he found abandoned puppies.

Such a sad picture completely unsettled Sasha, so he began to think about how to help the kids, despite the fact that he did not have the finances for this.


Such love, devotion and solidarity eventually led to the fact that the man became one of the most ardent animal rights activists in his country.

He did not refuse to help any dog. Sasha was supported by six people then and he managed to open a shelter with them, where the pets would always be fed, safe and warm.

From all over the world, Sasha receives donations and contributions for the maintenance of four-legged animals. This is what helps the shelter function. A man knows every dog ​​by name, he necessarily vaccinates them, sterilizes and implants a chip.

He is assisted by the same six volunteers as at the beginning. They take care of the dogs and make sure that they do all the necessary procedures.


The shelter now has about 750 dogs. In total, over the years, Sasha managed to save 1200 pets and 400 of them found families in different parts of the world.

Sasha understands that the shelter is overcrowded, but he has no way out of the situation yet.

This is what a man with a big heart looks like!


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