Shelter dog saved the life of the guy who just saved

 Shelter dog saved the life of the guy who just saved her

When one man saved the life of a shelter dog, he didn’t expect her to respond in kind.
Last summer, a German Shepherd was taken to an animal shelter. At the shelter, the elderly dog ​​seemed confused and lost.
Shelter staff could tell that Sadie was a loyal and very unique dog, but her nervousness toward men and her protective nature made it difficult to settle her in a new home.


When she first came, she was a little reserved and didn’t understand what was going on. At the shelter, she became a bit closed off, so we knew she would need a skilled home with a patient person.
A month later, he walked into the shelter and immediately noticed Sadie. Upon learning that she had problems with men, he promised to change that.
He felt she was a great dog and decided to take her in the first 30 minutes. She jumped into his car and we formed a strong bond. He was able to deal with her problems and dedicated himself to giving her the home and love she deserved.

Myers and Sadie became best friends and became incredibly attached. But a few months later, Sadie almost lost her family for the second time.
One night, Myers and Sadie were alone at home when he had a stroke. Myers collapsed to the ground and seeing that her father was suffering, Sadie refused to leave him. She licked his face to keep him awake and screamed to warn the neighbors that something was wrong.


A man couldn’t stand it, so Sadie knew it was up to her to save her father. Myers grabbed Sadie’s collar, and the faithful dog knew what to do — and began to pull him across the room to the phone.

She knew he was in trouble, and she was worried. Now the man has been discharged from the hospital and is in a rehabilitation center, where he is working to get better. While her father is gone, Sadie stays with his family and counts the minutes until she sees him again.
They make a video call, which he says makes her a little embarrassed because she wants to talk to her father and is crying, but he reassures her that he is doing his best to get back to her house as soon as possible so they can be reunited.


He never gave up on Sadie, and in his darkest hour, she refused to give him up.
He misses her terribly and can’t wait to see her and love her more than ever.


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