Sick and bald puppies closely clung to each other. They were alone in the forest. np

A man was walking to work on a frosty winter morning. Everything was as usual, but suddenly he heard plaintive squeaks. He moved towards this sound and saw six puppies who urgently needed help.

All the puppies were almost bald, they clung to each other so as not to freeze completely. It is not clear how the kids got into the forest, and the mother was nowhere to be found.


Exposed areas of pink skin cracked in some places. The man could not leave them here, because then they would definitely die. He picked them up and took them to an orphanage. Employees were struck by the condition of the crumbs!

The puppies smelled so bad that the worker even had to put on masks to bathe them. the kids suffered from scabies, exhaustion and hypothermia.

Since the puppies were practically hairless, it was impossible to determine their breed. The shelter staff made the assumption that they would not grow very large.


The babies were taken to a veterinary college, where they were prescribed treatment for scabies. After that, they found a shelter for them.

The two families divided the puppies between themselves to take care of them temporarily. Pets needed special care and these families decided to help.

Thanks to therapeutic baths and good nutrition, the puppies began to get better. They began to grow white curly hair, but it was still difficult to determine their breed.

When the pets began to grow and gain weight, it became clear that they all belong to the breed of the Pyrenean mountain dog.


A few months later, the kids turned into beautiful puppies of large size. All that remains is to find a permanent home for them!


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