The dachshund suddenly began to swell up like a balloon. The owner didn’t know what happened. np

Dachshund named Trevor was the most ordinary dog, no different from other dachshunds. However, at some point, misfortune happened to Trevor: he began to swell. The dog got bigger and bigger until it looked like a real balloon.

His mistress could not understand what was happening. When Trevor was twice his standard size, he was taken to the vets, begging for help.


Doctors have never seen anything like it. They could not immediately say what exactly Trevor got sick. It was the first such case in their medical practice.

It turned out that the dog was having difficulty breathing. Doctors kept Trevor for a couple of days to find out what exactly caused such an unusual condition.

All necessary examinations were carried out, including x-rays. In the end, the problem was still found. It turned out that air got into Trevor’s internal organs.


The dog’s trachea was damaged – perhaps he just ate something spicy – they found a small hole in it. Each time you inhale, part of the air is sent through this hole inside Trevor’s body, remaining in the abdominal cavity, unable to get out.

It turns out that Trevor pumped himself up, as if using a pump. An unusual case that is extremely rare. It was difficult to guess that such a thing could happen to an ordinary dog.

It was not difficult to help the dog, one operation was enough. The doctors fixed the hole and pumped out the air from the insides. Trevor recovered very quickly. After a short rehabilitation, he returned to normal life. All employees of the veterinary clinic were subdued by the stamina and cheerfulness of this dog, they literally fell in love with Trevor.



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