The dog broke a leg and then fell into a ditch. Luckily, she was found in time. np

This story happened to a stray dog ​​on the street of one of the cities in India. She, like all street animals, managed to survive on the streets until she broke her leg.

The dog had to move on three legs and this led to the fact that it fell into the gutter. There was dirty water in the ditch and a lot of rubbish lying around. The more the dog floundered in the water, the more it was drawn into the depths.


At that moment, when the dog had only a few hours to live, it was noticed by an ordinary passer-by. It was he who called the rescuers who dealt with the problems of homeless animals.

Upon the arrival of rescuers, the dog could no longer move, so it was quickly removed from there to provide the necessary assistance. The broken leg was very inflamed, due to an infection that got there. The animal needed urgent medical attention. She was immediately given the nickname Phoenix. The verdict of the veterinarian was unequivocal – the paw would have to be removed, otherwise it would die.


The body of the animal was severely hypothermic, she was trembling with fear, and her heart was barely beating. She also lost a lot of blood and became infected.

Veterinarians were afraid that the dog’s weakened body might not survive the operation. Therefore, she was first fed and treated a little. The operation was carried out a few days later.

Few people believed in a happy ending to this story, the animal was in such a bad condition. But she was on her way to recovery.

The operation was successful and Phoenix began to learn to move on three legs. She turned out to be a very friendly and cheerful dog.


Today, Phoenix is ​​completely healthy. The absence of one paw does not interfere with an active lifestyle. Most of all, Phoenix loves to lick and hug people, as if he is saying thank you to them.


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