The dog chained to the booth was thrown into the wasteland and left without food and water … np

When this dog was a small puppy, he was cute and sweet, and some people took him to guard the yard in the city of Chekhov, Moscow Region. But since childhood, the baby was chained to an old booth, he was poorly fed, never washed and never let him go for a walk. When the dog grew up, the owners stopped liking him – he became ugly and unkempt. And they decided to get rid of him, but in what way!


The dog was simply taken to a wasteland and left there along with the booth! Without water and without food! How many days this unfortunate dog sat there is unknown. The poor fellow did not wait for help from local residents.

Fortunately, one day a volunteer from the Obninsk community for the protection of animals “Kotodetki” drove by. She saw a booth with a dog and could not leave him without help.


The girl took the dog with her, named Richard and took it to the veterinary clinic. The veterinarian was amazed at the deplorable state of the dog! Its weight was a third of the norm, and the number of parasites, on the contrary, exceeded all possible norms.

Only a month later, Richie began to get better.

He was shorn, and he turned into a pretty good-natured dog.

Richie was trained by a cynologist, and one photographer did a professional photo session for him. And for him there were owners who came from Dmitrov to Obninsk to pick up their pet. Now Richie is a happy healthy dog ​​who was rescued by good people.


And this video is about the transformation of an “ugly and unkempt” mongrel into a beautiful healthy dog.


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