The dog found small homeless kittens and began to nurse them herself. np

This story was told by a girl named Victoria from the city of Maryland. Three weeks ago, one overcast rainy morning, she was walking her dog, named Turbo. After only a couple of steps, the girl heard a plaintive squeak.


Looking around, Victoria found a small ginger kitten lying on the road. But when the girl picked up the kitten, her dog found two more crumbs in a pile of leaves that lay in the corner of the yard.

The kittens were wet from the rain and shivering from the cold. The mother cat was nowhere to be found. It seems that she did not appear near her cubs for a long time. The babies needed an urgent examination by a veterinarian, so Victoria took time off from work and took the foundlings to a veterinary clinic.

After the inspection, the girl took the cats to her home and built a cozy sleeping place for them. All three crumbs had a light red color with a white spot.


Turbo did not want to stay away from what was happening, so he also began to fuss around the kids.

The cats were already at the age when their eyes were fully opened, and they are very active.

Turbo became a real guardian for the kids, spending all his time with them. And those, in turn, were not against playing with a kind dog and lying down next to him to sleep.

For Victoria, Turbo’s behavior was nothing new. It turns out that her pet is a dog that takes part in animal therapy sessions. Recently, for this purpose, they visited patients with Down syndrome. Turbo has always shown sympathy for both people and other animals.


The dog is always calm, so as not to frighten patients. She does the same with kittens.

At the moment, Victoria is looking for a permanent family for the cats.


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