The dog licked the hand of a girl who was in a long coma and she came to her senses. np

Sometimes mystical and mysterious things happen in our life for which there is no explanation. This is the story we want to tell you today.

Farah Fox was in a serious car accident in the summer of 2018 in Florida. At that time, the girl was only 19 years old and her head was badly damaged.

Farah fell into a long coma, and the doctors no longer thought that she would wake up. But miracles happen, and the patient woke up.


After a special therapy dog ​​lay next to Farah’s bed for several hours, the girl came to her senses and her condition began to improve rapidly.

In America, animal therapy or pet therapy has long been practiced, that is, rehabilitation through communication with animals.

My daughter was in a lumpy state. She didn’t talk, didn’t react to anything, didn’t move, and her eyes were closed all the time, ”the girl’s mother Marla shared.

Farah remained in this state for more than five weeks. But one day a family friend came to visit her and brought with her a dog, which is therapeutic.

Labrodoodle Fergie immediately clung to the patient’s hand and periodically licked it. The dog stayed in the ward that day for about 8 hours.


“No one knows for sure if the dog was the cause or if it was just a coincidence, but Farah’s condition began to improve rapidly after that day. Personally, I think that between the dog and my daughter there was some special connection, ”said Marla.

Fergie came to the girl several more times, but the first visit turned out to be the most effective.

“The dog lay on the hospital bed next to my daughter and licked her hand. Farah suddenly moved her hand and moved closer to the animal. On that day, the doctor told me that my daughter had come out of a coma.”

The girl really came to her senses, but she still has a long rehabilitation ahead of her. The doctor warned Farah’s parents that she could spend about two years in a rehabilitation center. However, the girl’s family is sure that now everything will be fine with her.


“The doctors themselves say that her recovery from a coma is a real miracle. So we keep hoping that a miracle will happen again.”


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