The dog looked like a skeleton and even the veterinarians did not believe that it could be saved, but this guy did the impossible. np

A real miracle. Rico is just a hero! ???

The Indonesian island of Bali is a hiker’s paradise and a dog’s hell. There are thousands of homeless and malnourished dogs. The local government is trying to change the situation. They create shelters and nurseries, help volunteers.

Unfortunately, this has not yet yielded results. But local volunteers are doing their best to save and feed the animals.

This is the story of one salvation. An ordinary guy named Rico was returning from work and noticed an exhausted animal. Everyone passed by, they believed that the dog could not be saved. But Rico couldn’t leave her.


Rico Soegiarto, 26, offered food to the dog. The dog had not eaten for a long time, it was clear that it was hard for him to chew. The hair on the body of the dog fell out, wounds were visible.

As soon as the young man met the extinct look of the dog, he realized that he would do everything to save her.

He brought the exhausted animal home and began to care for him. The guy named the dog Hope, which means “hope” in English.

The dog was not a mongrel, it turned out to be a representative of the husky breed. The veterinarian examined the dog and said that she was too emaciated and could not be saved. But Rico didn’t give up.


The guy took care of the dog for ten months. He lubricated the wounds, sheared, bathed, fed and played with her. After a while, the dog blossomed from care and attention.

Rico photographed Hope constantly and the changes were visible. The dog has changed! Soon thousands of people began to follow the fate of the husky.

People began to help and buy food for Hope.

Husky is unrecognisable now. A beautiful and mischievous dog does not at all look like the mangy skeleton that Riko saw. Hope’s eyes are now glowing with happiness.

When Rico is at home, his faithful friend follows him with a “tail”. “She constantly demands affection,” the Balinese shares. Soegiarto has four other dogs at home.


“There are a lot of thieves in Bali. My dogs guard the house. I like animals a lot. Therefore, if I meet another emaciated dog, I will also take it with me,” Riko says.

I admire his kindness!


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