The dog was handed over to the shelter, and his heart could not stand the separation and was torn from longing. np

A dog named Reese was very loved in the family, and he loved them. However, the owners had financial difficulties and lost their home. Therefore, they were no longer able to take care of Reese and the second dog, Rocky.

Of course, the family was very worried about their pets. However, they saw no way out and gave both dogs to a shelter in Hamilton, Indiana. But as soon as Reese broke up with his master, he immediately fell into depression.


He was lost, very worried and was in a very depressed state all the time. The dog could not understand where his family had gone and why he was left alone.

In the enclosure in which Reese was placed, he sat, clinging to the wall and looking at the floor all the time. The shelter staff tried their best to alleviate the fate of the dog, but they did not succeed. It was clear to everyone that Reese urgently needed to look for a new family.

Reese was depressed all the time, although he received a lot of attention, love and care from the volunteers. Then, on the page of the shelter in the social network, the staff published a post about the dog, in which they told his story. They hoped that this way they could find an owner who wanted to make the dog happy again.


And soon such a girl appeared. Sophie has long wanted to get a big and strong dog. However, she was waiting for her to have her own housing, where the dog would have enough space. and as soon as she bought a house, she immediately began to search for a pet. When she saw the sad big man Reese, he immediately sunk into her soul.

The girl came across a post about a dog many times, because it spread throughout the social network. She was worried that someone would be able to pick it up faster. Then Sophie’s boss, learning about her desire, gave her an extra day off.

When Sophie arrived at the shelter, she was very worried. She was worried about whether Reese would accept her or not. But as soon as she saw him, all her fears disappeared.

Reese, when he saw the girl, he quickly approached her and put his large muzzle on her knees. Sophie was very touched by this behavior of the dog and immediately began to draw up documents to take her from the shelter. Reese soon found himself in a new home.


Now Reese is not sad and is gradually getting used to the new environment. They get along great with Sophie. The girl wants the pet to be happy.


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