The Enigmatic Beauty of a Little Angel: Baby with Exquisite Black Birthmarks on Her Face and Body. my

Before the birth of their daughter Jireh in June 2021, Toeka Rogers Robiso, 32, and her husband, executive Jsti, 34, had met in high school and had been married for 17 years. Throughout her pregnancy, Toeka diligently attended regular doctor’s appointments and underwent several tests to ensure a smooth process.

Jireh was born as a happy and healthy baby, but the couple initially had concerns as she had dark spots all over her skin. Their doctors quickly reassured Toeka and Justiin that the marks were only superficial and that Jireh was perfectly healthy. Jireh was diagnosed with Congenital Melanocytic Nevus (CMN), visible pigmented (melanocytic) proliferations in the skin that are present at birth.

While the condition does put the youngster at risk of Melanoma, it is not hereditary and is caused by faulty development of pigment cells in the first trimester of pregnancy. This condition occurs in around one percent of infants worldwide, and there is an increased risk of melanoma associated with it. Toeka and Justiin started sharing photos of their daughter on Instagram to keep their family updated, and Jireh’s unique appearance caught attention.


Jireh’s mom and dad, Toeka, 32, and Justiin, 34, hope their youngster will grow up in a world more accepting of differences. The couple loves showcasing their beautiful child to the world and are excited about Jireh growing up in an increasingly inclusive society. “Justiin and I are high school sweethearts. We dated for nine years and celebrated our eight-year wedding anniversary in February,” said Toeka. “After attending college and working in separate states, we got married and settled in Dallas in 2013. In 2019, we became pregnant with our first child, Justiice. She was born prematurely at twenty-eight weeks but had an excellent prognosis and was expected to make a full recovery.”

The condition is purely superficial and does not affect Jireh’s health. “We lost her unexpectedly at four weeks old. Five months later, we learned that we were pregnant with Jireh. While still mourning, we began the process of a high-risk pregnancy. I had numerous appointments and tests to ensure the safety of this pregnancy. Jireh was born at thirty-eight weeks and two days, via a planned caesarean.”


“My husband saw her first due to the surgery screen being pulled up. His first words were ‘what’s that on her face?’ My heart dropped when he said that, due to the loss we had just experienced, but once my doctor said it was just pigmentation marks and she wasn’t in pain, my heart relaxed. The moment he said it was just skin pigmentation, nothing else mattered. It meant that my baby wasn’t in danger of dying; I couldn’t fathom losing another daughter.”

Jireh was born shortly after her sister died when she was born prematurely. “The moment my husband laid her on me, all was right with the world. Jireh is perfectly healthy, and all her tests have come back normal.” Toeka and Justiin plan to continue showing Jireh that her skin is beautiful, and they are happy to see that other people think so too. “I don’t worry as much as I would have if she was growing up when we did. I personally cannot remember any classmates with noticeable skin conditions. I’ve connected with several parents of children with similar conditions and learned about their experiences. I feel like she will not feel alone,” Toeka said.

Today’s generation is all about inclusion and embracing differences. There are so many stars, like Winnie Harlow and SZA, whose skin looks different. They are still accepted for their talents. I’m sure she will receive some less-than-favorable comments, but her confidence will be able to withstand ignorance. Most adults tend to ask about her skin if they are curious, and we don’t mind educating them.


I have had one neighbor’s kid say that she looked yucky, but I didn’t react to his comment and talked with his mom about it later. CMN is just a condition. It doesn’t define Jireh or make her less than anyone without it. My hopes for her are endless. I pray that we can be the best parents to her and grant her heart’s desires. I talk to her about it. I treat her like any other child because she is any other child.

I call her beautiful because she is. I love her skin, and I let her know that every day.

I will teach her that nobody’s opinion of her matters except her own. Confidence is key.

My parents instilled in me that I was beautiful, and we plan to do the same for her.


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