The family thought they got a dog. But when she grew up, it turned out that it was … a bear! np

The family thought they got a dog. But when she grew up, it turned out that it was … a bear!

This story went viral all over the internet!

In 2016, a Chinese man named Su Yun brought a small Tibetan Mastiff puppy into his home. His man found right on the street, while walking through the woods. The whole family was touched by the baby, who, by the way, grew by leaps and bounds, and besides, he ate for three. However, as time went on, the dog became less and less like a dog.


Su Yun recalls that one day he realized that a real bear was growing in their house. How this could happen, the Chinese could not explain. Confused and confused, he turned to the authorities. It turned out that their suspicions were correct: the “Tibetan Mastiff” turned out to be a real Asian black bear!


By the way, this species is now endangered and listed in the Red Book. Of course, the animal was taken to a special center.

Specialists are now working with the young bear. So far, he cannot be released into the forest with his own kind, because he grew up with people and is not adapted to the wild.


However, that’s just for now. Soon the “false dog” will be able to go to the forest and live its bear life there. 🙂


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