The flayers wrapped three dogs in bags and filled them with tar, fortunately, military exercises were taking place nearby … np

Who and why did this with three dogs? In Pskov, they tirelessly discuss the “poor trinity” – pets who almost lost their lives …

The animals were found in a terrible state! Not far from the Palkinskoe highway in Pskov there is a wasteland. It was there that some nonhumans tried to get rid of three dogs. And they wanted to do it in an extremely cruel way!

The dogs were lying on some old bags. But the worst thing is that three pets were covered with tar!


Two animals could no longer move, and only the third dog had the strength to bark. Thanks to him, the “poor trinity” managed to be saved!

The exhausted animal barked with all its might. Fortunately, military exercises were held not far from the wasteland. They heard the mournful howl of a dog.

The guys quickly came to find out what happened! Of course they were shocked by what they saw…

The military hurried to contact the animal care center – there was not a minute to lose!

And the military, and volunteers, and all the inhabitants of Pskov perfectly understood that they wanted to mock the dogs. Some nonhumans wrapped the paws of one of the poor things with wire so that she could not move, and the other was simply wrapped in plastic bags!

Of course, the shocking news quickly spread throughout Pskov. Many people came to the rescue of the three victims. It was clear that the pets needed immediate help, because very soon the tar could freeze so hard that it would be impossible to remove it.


Veterinarians say that the unfortunate animals spent more than one day in this state, since they were all severely dehydrated. In addition, it was clear that the dogs were clearly not street dogs, but domestic ones.

Residents of Pskov massively responded to help – people brought sunflower oil, medicines and offered their help.

In the meantime, doctors, millimeter by millimeter, cleaned the tar from the hair of the affected animals. They made it just in time – very soon, because of the tar, intoxication could begin.

Veterinarians managed to rid the dogs of the tar layer and their well-being has clearly improved.

But the very next day, one of the victims became worse! It turned out that the dog … began to give birth!

And soon three more healthy babies were born!

But it’s not all miracles!

Soon the owners of all three dogs were found! It turns out that people have run off their feet in search of pets that went missing a few days ago. The trio were close friends, so the animals spent all the time together.

Who did this to dogs? Law enforcement agencies are now looking for an answer.

We hope that the perpetrators will be punished!

Currently, the “poor trinity” is recovering and very soon they will again enjoy life!

Be attentive to your four-legged friends and don’t let them walk alone! Danger lurks at every turn…

And we wish the dogs to get better as soon as possible!


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