The guys in the wasteland saw a black spot, which was revealed by a dog. He was washed, turned into a handsome man. np

Firefighters, volunteers, and simply caring people took part in the rescue operation in Argentina. The animal fell into a pit that was filled with an unknown black substance. As a result, her entire body was covered with this substance. The first to see the animals were the children living nearby, and their parents called the rescuers. It took 50 liters of oil and 9 hours to wash the dog. The main thing is that he was saved!


In Argentina, a dog was found in a pit with an unknown black substance.

This story took place in an abandoned area, which was located near the city of Libertad. The barking of stray dogs attracted the attention of children playing nearby.

And their parents turned to the relevant authorities.

Rescuers got the dog, but in order to wash it, they needed help, for which they turned to Facebook.


The employees of the charitable organization Proyecto 4 Patas came to the rescue.

Later, the volunteers will tell you that it was impossible to look at the dog without pity. An unknown substance covered not only his entire body, but his ears, mouth and eyes were also affected.

The local population also wanted to help. They brought oil to wash the dog. For this procedure, he was taken to a suitable place for this.

Help from people is welcome.

She was washed for about 9 hours. With each peeled layer, a dog could be seen in this creature.

Eight people, nine watches, 50 liters of oil and three containers of cleaning agent were involved in the work.


All efforts were made so that Aloe (the dog received such a nickname) could get a chance for a normal life.

Thanks to caring people, the dog was saved and now everything is fine with him.


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