The half-blind dog survived in a box near the track. She ended up on the street because of a new dog. np

This story was told to me by my friend volunteer Natalia. At one of the final stops of public transport, she saw a small fluffy ball. Coming closer, she examined a small dog.

This area was considered one of the prestigious areas of the city of Kursk.

The tousled coat of the dog made it look like a brownie. She followed the passing cars with a sad look, and trembled from the cold. And near the road stood a broken box, covered with dirty rags, which served as her home.


The volunteer could not resist and spoke to the dog. And she turned to a pleasant voice. The appearance of the animal made an indelible impression on Natalya. He had a short nose, which spoke of a relationship with the Pekingese, one eye was blind, and his teeth protruded outward. Her fur was all dirty and sticky. The dog was not young and clearly with a difficult fate.

Natalya took pity on the dog and fed her food. Then she tried to find out from the people passing by how she ended up here, but no one knew anything.

Information about the animal was owned by one of the drivers of public transport. And here’s what he said.

The dog used to have a home. But after the owners got themselves a young shepherd dog, who did not want to recognize another pet, the owners kicked her out into the street. And it happened in the winter. Since then, she has been living in this box near the road. She often looks in the direction of her house, but knows that it is impossible to return there.


Natalya couldn’t take the dog with her, and she couldn’t leave it there either. That’s why she decided to write to me.

Seeing a defenseless animal in the photo, I felt a pinch in my chest. How can you drive a dog outside in the winter cold? How did they think she was supposed to survive? And if they were deprived of their own dwelling in their declining years, and they could only watch the sides.

Natalia and I decided that she would take the dog to the veterinarian for a check-up, and then I would pick it up.

By the way, in such conditions the dog lived for six months, and none of the locals thought of helping the unfortunate animal. It is a pity that we have few sympathetic people.

And within a few hours, after our conversation with the volunteer, Sonechka was in the veterinary clinic. She calmly sat in Natalia’s arms and looked around with interest.

Sonechka turned out to be a very friendly dog. Yes, she has a peculiar appearance, but she is such a sweet and kind fluffy, which is hard not to love.


An examination by the veterinarian revealed that the dog had serious eye problems.

Today the dog lives in a zoo hotel. It can be seen that she is pleased that she has her own house and food in abundance. But still, she often looks out the window or listens to the sound of human steps, hoping that they came for her.


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