The homeless dog did not lose his head and took advantage of his only chance for salvation. np

Thank you for saving the dog

A young family was driving their car in Florida. Passing through the bridge, they saw an emaciated, completely hairless dog, which was barely trudging to no one knows where.

Young people stopped to take a photo and send it to the volunteers. But when the car door opened a crack, the dog jumped into the car from the front passenger seat. Apparently the dog understood that this was his only chance for salvation and it was impossible to miss it.


Kind-hearted people did not kick out the animals, but immediately took them to the veterinary clinic and paid for the treatment.

The dog was named Kesley. He was in a terrible state – scabies, hordes of parasites, complete exhaustion. It was a long term treatment.


Kesley turned out to be a kind and cheerful dog. He could not get enough of the people who saved him from suffering.

The entire staff of the veterinary clinic fell in love with this baby, who endured so much suffering in a year of his life.

When the parasites were removed and the scabies cured, a volunteer girl took the dog to her home.

She and her dog Gina became so attached to Kesley that the girl decided not to look for another family for him, but leave it to herself.


Now Kesley has almost fully recovered and is very happy to have a loving family.

He has a cozy couch, there is always enough food and water.

And most importantly – love and care. Be happy Kesley!


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