The man put the puppies in a suitcase and left them near the garbage cans. But mom saved the kids. np

This story, which took place in Toledo, USA, shows us the level of human cruelty and humanity in dogs.

Gordon Davis had a dog named Maddie who recently bristled. But, the puppies were a burden to the man, so he decided to get rid of them, having come up with a rather sophisticated method for this. The man put the puppies in a suitcase and threw it in the trash. As it turned out, he didn’t need Maddie either. He tied her by the leash in the same place where he left the suitcase with the puppies.



The dog realized that the owner had betrayed her and her children. But she had to save her offspring. The dog began to bark loudly and scratch the suitcase, trying to free the puppies, but in vain.



The strange behavior of the dog attracted the attention of people passing by, who freed the puppies from captivity. Everything happened quickly and on time, the puppies had enough air and they did not suffocate.


But Davis made one mistake. He did not remove the tag with his name from the suitcase, and everyone learned about his cruel act. Now he will definitely answer for what he did.

Under US law, he faces up to 90 days in prison and a $750 fine. But he does not want to admit his guilt, claiming that he has found new owners for the puppies.



This story soon became known to all the locals. After that, there was a queue of those who wanted to take the little puppy to their place.

Once again we were able to see how omnipotent maternal love is.


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