The man saw a dog with a broken spine. The veterinarians offered to euthanize the dog, but then … np

I want to tell you about Jules. A dog with a broken spine, with open festering wounds on its paws, was seen at a construction site by a man and could not pass by. Because of the broken spine, the animal crawled along the ground with difficulty. Dzhulka’s hind legs were paralyzed. A crippled dog is a victim of a sadist.

Man: “When I saw this poor thing, I felt so sorry for her. I took her from the construction site, she lived with me for a couple of days, but I have 2 Alabai, they looked at her evilly, then I handed her over to the good hands of the owner of the shelter for homeless dogs. And so that Zhulka could somehow move independently, we ordered a wheelchair for her. ”


So Julie ended up in a shelter. There are many such unfortunate dogs in shelters. Left disabled, no one needs them. A spinal disabled person is the worst sentence for a shelter dog… All of them have a very difficult time. In the shelter, life is not sugar for healthy dogs, and even more so for the disabled. Julia crawled on her front paws for almost half a year, because of this her paws were very tense, shaking and worn to the bone. And the wheelchair that was made for her and shipped from Moscow was just gathering dust. Somebody had to take care of the dog.

Doctors didn’t give her a single chance. The diagnosis sounded like a sentence: “I will never walk!”. Everyone offered to euthanize her.

And when everyone had already lost hope, a doctor was found who suggested an operation as a chance that Julie would be able to walk again! Operation “Resection of the femoral head”, then care was required, lie down for 10 days, then actively walk with a harness and do massage every day, several times.

So I became her guardian. The dog survived a difficult operation! I went to her for 3 weeks, 2 times a day, brought food with me, played with her.

Julie had an unenviable fate. She needed care and attention more than others. Only the owner could provide everything necessary. I decided to help her and take her home, despite the fact that there are already dogs from the shelter at home.


I really believed that Julie would go, and I didn’t want her to get used to the stroller. We did gymnastics and massage with her. There were very few chances that Julya would go, but I did not give up for a long time. But, as it turned out, she was no longer destined to go. Many doctors said that the spinal cord was damaged, there was no impulse to move, and the operation was just a waste of money.

Julie has been my dog ​​for a year and a half now. And only recently, I took the stroller from the shelter, taught it for 4 days, she was afraid of it, and now she runs in it. Dzhulechka loves walks: she runs and frolics on the street no worse than any healthy dog. This is helped by a light, maneuverable wheelchair, in which the hind legs are fixed in the stirrups so as not to injure them when moving. She is energetic and full of energy. Charming and responsive to affection. He appreciates the attention and kind attitude from people, gets along well with his brothers. Julie is an extremely responsive and grateful dog.

Recently, the number of cases when an animal becomes disabled for one reason or another has increased. People are trying to quickly get rid of the poor fellow who has become unnecessary. Every life deserves respect! In addition, animals with such injuries do not feel “flawed”. Dogs that have only two healthy paws left run, play, and follow the commands of the owner. They continue to live a full life, enjoy it, love it.


I am so happy that she now has a decent life, albeit in a wheelchair, but she is loved, caressed, and our dogs are very friendly with her, and alone, every time after eating, she licks her muzzle.

Do not be afraid to take the disabled! It is caring for those in need that makes a person a real Person and gives, perhaps, the greatest of human joys – the feeling that you are vital to someone in the world.


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