The Mystery of the Devil’s Triangle: Exploring the Land of Bridgewater. np

This is a mysterious area in the US that contains so many strange things that scientists have a headache…

First described by researcher Loren Coleman, the area is a giant triangle called Bridgewater with a fairly large area including the towns of Abington, Rehoboth and Freetown forming the corner of a triangle and many towns. another is inside.

But few people know that, all those towns create a large area containing many mysteries…

Terrestrial Devil's Triangle: The mysterious land of Bridgewater
The Bridgewater Triangle is a land with too many mysteries

Where UFOs raging…

This triangle is one of the earliest UFO sightings in human history. It was at 10 am on May 10, 1760, a flying object suddenly appeared in the sky.

It emits bright lights and monstrous sounds that make the community here extremely afraid. During the following nights in other parts of the mysterious Bridgewater triangle such as Massachusetts, Roxbury also saw the object emitting a bright light.

Terrestrial Devil's Triangle: The mysterious land of Bridgewater
UFOs are often present in the Bridgewater triangle

On Halloween night in 1908, the Bridgewater triangle once again appeared UFOs. Many people while moving out of the town of West Bridgewater saw a giant 

“lantern” hovering in the sky. This object appeared for about 40 minutes and then quickly disappeared into the dark night.

Thereafter, there were increasing reports of UFO sightings in the area of ​​the Bridgewater triangle especially between 1960-1980. Prominent is the incident where two huge UFOs were seen in Taunton in December 1976.

On March 23, 1979, two residents reported seeing an object shaped like a house hovering over Routes 24 and 106 in Taunton. In addition, in January 1991, a green flying saucer moved slowly at an altitude of about 15m, illuminating a large area with powerful lights.


Terrestrial Devil's Triangle: The mysterious land of Bridgewater

In late November 1997, a law enforcement officer working the night shift at Bridgewater saw a very large triangular object with 3 white and 2 red star lights.

On November 10, 1998, a witness in Middleborough saw a strange object, glowing with red, green and white light. And all the examples above are just a small part of the countless reports of UFO sightings in the mysterious triangle.

Home to strange creatures…

Mysterious creatures also appear a lot in the Bridgewater Triangle, especially in the Hockomock Wetlands. This swamp is located at the center of the mysterious triangle, also known as the “demon swamp”.

Terrestrial Devil's Triangle: The mysterious land of Bridgewater


The swamp covers about 2,000 hectares and is one of the largest in the Northeastern United States. More interestingly, here, the monster named Bigfoot has been seen and reported many times.

Terrestrial Devil's Triangle: The mysterious land of Bridgewater
There are many witnesses seeing Bigfoot here

In 1970, many people saw a very large monster, full of hair and nearly 2m tall. It stood on two legs and when it saw people, it ran in fear into the forest, leaving huge footprints in the mud.

After receiving the report, Bridgewater police and Massachusetts state police thought that this was a giant bear, so they organized a large-scale hunt.

On the eighth day of the search, two policemen sitting in a boat moving through the swamp were horrified to discover that the creature they were looking for was not a bear but the famous Bigfoot monster. It is big, hairy, has big eyes, low forehead… This creature scared the two policemen, they quickly turned the boat and ran back to the concentration camp.

Terrestrial Devil's Triangle: The mysterious land of Bridgewater

Bridgewater resident Joseph de Andrade has investigated and published reports relating to Bigfoot in the mysterious triangle. Since 1978, he has been collecting reports of this monster in the Hockomock Swamp, the most valuable of which is Bigfoot’s blood-stained feathers.

He got this valuable proof thanks to his hunting uncle. Joseph’s uncle shot and wounded an animal that looked like a bear, but upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a large Bigfoot with a height of more than 2m. It quickly disappeared into the forest, leaving only a few bloody feathers on the ground.

Terrestrial Devil's Triangle: The mysterious land of Bridgewater
Many other strange creatures also appear in this triangle area

Joseph de Andrade also saw Bigfoot with his own eyes in the winter of 1978. At that time, the animal walked very slowly from a small hill into the Hockomock Swamp. Although its face or legs cannot be seen, the animal is at least 2.3m tall and is covered with dark brown hair. All the stories, along with the evidence, helped him write two valuable books about the Bigfoot creature.

One of the other witnesses was John Baker – a hunter from West Bridgewater. On a cold night in the early 1980s, Baker saw a Bigfoot. He described: “I knew it was not a human because of its huge size and the whole body was covered with a strange gray hair. It leaves huge footprints, and smells like a dirty skunk.”

Terrestrial Devil's Triangle: The mysterious land of Bridgewater

In the mysterious triangle also appear many other mysterious creatures, typically a giant bird with a wingspan of more than 5m was seen in 1971 in the Bird Hills swamp. Or in 1976, a man named Abington saw a giant ghost dog with red eyes that had bitten the throats of two horses.

Many other reports about equally mysterious creatures such as giant turtles, two-headed snakes, giant black panthers also appear with no less frequency.

And many unsolved mysteries…

In addition to the above mysteries, in the Bridgewater triangle, there are also 40 mysterious trapezoidal rocks called Darkon Rock . On one side of the stone are very ancient carvings, including writing and hieroglyphs that archaeologists are completely unable to decipher.

Although hundreds of years have passed, modern scholars still give up on the mysteries of the origin, as well as the meaning that this architectural block carries.

Terrestrial Devil's Triangle: The mysterious land of Bridgewater
Darkon Rock

Another equally creepy mystery is the phenomenon of animals being repeatedly violently dismembered. This began in 1998, when an adult cow was found butchered in the woods, the body parts dismembered and bizarrely arranged as part of a ghostly sacrifice ritual. Since then, every year many animals have suddenly disappeared and reappeared with their bodies cut into pieces.

In the last few years there have been so many mysteries in Bridgewater that people have created a huge website and put together events. Many explanations have been given, but no one has been able to answer why there are so many strange events in this area at the same time…


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