The owner locked the dog in a barn and kept it there for 7 years, and then she found out about him… np

The Pyrenean mountain dog breed has a fairly long and fluffy coat, so it needs constant care.

Meet Lazarus, a 7-year-old Pyrenean mountain dog who spent seven years of her life living in mud, feces, and a long 35-pound unshorn coat.

The poor dog was imprisoned all these years – he was kept in a dirty barn for seven whole years.


One day, a kind woman found out about the poor animal, who decided to rescue the poor fellow to freedom and immediately began to act.

The woman was dumbfounded when she first saw the Laser. His long, unkempt coat was incredibly long. The woman found out that the owner of the dog suffers from a serious mental illness, which is why he is unable to provide the dog with proper care.

The good-natured woman informed the animal protection organization, whose volunteers gladly went to help.


The rescue team included two groomers who helped the poor dog shed his huge bundle of unwanted fur.

Since Laser was not eating well, he had problems with muscle mass – he simply physically could not move with such a heavy load.

Initially, the dog reacted with aggression to every person, but after several hours of care and affection, his heart melted and he showed himself as a sweet and friendly dog.

Despite numerous health problems due to years of living in appalling conditions, Laser is now doing well and is gradually adjusting to his new life as a healthy and happy dog.

Currently, this dog is in an animal shelter, where he receives medical attention and proper care. Laser, who has become famous throughout the shelter as the most affectionate and gentle dog, will be ready to go to a new family after he fully restores his physical strength and full confidence in a person.


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