The owner took the pregnant dog to the forest, tied it to a tree and just left, leaving no food, not even water! np

You need to judge such owners!

The dog, a pit bull mix, once had an owner. But when she became pregnant, the man decided that he did not need her with puppies. And he did the unthinkable: he took her farther into the forest, tied her to a tree and just left, leaving no food, not even water!


For many days and nights, the unfortunate animal cried, gnawed the bark from hunger and licked the dew. What is most terrible is that the inhabitants of the nearby village heard the dog’s cries for help, but no one came to her aid!

The time has come, and the exhausted and desperate dog has given birth to 4 puppies. Having no food or drink, she fed them milk.

On the tenth day after the birth, when the dog no longer had the strength to get up on its feet, and the milk was becoming less and less, one of the villagers accidentally found out about the tied dog.


He immediately called the animal rights activists, and together they found a tied mother and her 4 children.

They were rushed to a shelter and given proper care. Unfortunately, one puppy was so weakened that he did not survive.

The dog was named Lara and fed heavily. She again had milk, and the puppies began to grow normally.

They were very cute and playful.

The dogs have already reached the age that they began to look for owners.

Lara’s puppies are already eating on their own.

The shelter workers loved them very much.

Lara has completely recovered and will also go to normal people.

But the former owners deserve not only condemnation, but also real punishment! As well as the heartless people of the village who knew about this terrible situation and did nothing! Everyone has a phone now! Was it really that hard to even call the shelter, or at least the police?!



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