The poor dog began to cry when he realized that his owner left him at the shelter. ndl

 The poor dog began to cry realizing that his owner left him at the shelter

A sweet dog Blue Bear had a loving father and he was living with him for 11 years. It seemed he found his forever family but the terrible day changed his life.


The man couldn’t find a place to stay so he took his incredble friend to the shelter Trenton Animals Rock. The poor dog was confused and afraid appearing in the shelter as he didn’t know what to do and why he was there. He acted aggressively barking and screaming and making the staff get scared. Finally he calmed down when the founder of the shelter Danielle Gletow approached him.

The woman understood that the dog was not aggressive but just baffled and sorrowful. They put him in the office to feel free and started to search for a foster home for him but without his father Blue Bear was really upset and started crying. The scene was really heartbreaking. The woman also was all in tears. She decided to do her best to provide the sweet dog with the love and care he needed.


Gletow posted his story on Facebook and the comments and callings poured in from all over the country. Thankfully, a caring woman Madison contacted with Gletow and volunteered to take Blue Bear so he could be relieved. So really Blue Bear got relaxed in her house. He lied down on the pillow and Madison and Gletow hugged him warmly and they spent some time in that position. The dog truely needed affection and warmth.

So the nice creature got the love and attention he wanted. Gletow was in contact with his father but she is looking for a clever and caring family for the sweet boy to feel happy and safe. Now he is surrounded by caring people as her foster mother and Gletow who is so attentive to all the animals in her center.


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