The puppy was stuck in a dirty shed and loudly called for help. np

Once in Taiwan, passers-by noticed a dog on the side of the road that was barely moving its paws. It was noticeable that she was completely exhausted, and it was also evident that she was lactating, which means there must be puppies somewhere nearby.

This animal was immediately reported to the local animal protection service. Animal rights activists arrived at the scene and found the dogs near the forest, where they found her puppies. But the puppies were frightened of people and rushed to their heels, an old barn was discovered nearby, where the kids hurried to hide


The puppies hid somewhere, a couple were found behind rusty pipes, one behind a bedrock. They were carefully taken out and placed in a carrier to be taken with their mother to the shelter.

When the volunteers were already leaving the barn, they heard strange sounds that attracted their attention. When they returned to the barn to sort out what was happening, they spent a long time trying to determine where the whining was coming from. In the end, they managed to find the lost puppy. He was stuck between a Dirty Wall and a rusty old barrel, without the help of people he could not get out.


All he could do was whine plaintively and call for help. What was his joy when people helped him out of the trap. The rescued baby was placed in a carrier with his mother.

After saving the canine family, they were taken to a veterinary clinic. All the necessary examinations and medical procedures were carried out there, which the animals steadfastly endured.


When the animals were no longer in danger and their health was normal, they were transferred to a shelter where they will soon find a new family.


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