The skinny puppy ran up to every passerby and begged for food, but everyone passed by. np

Dirty, covered with ulcers and fleas, no one needs animals. Everyone looks at them with disgust and tries to bypass them.

So the homeless puppy ran for more than one day. He tried to find help from people, ran under their feet, tried to catch their eye. But it was all useless. It’s good that at least no one drove him away by force, didn’t hit him.


Running all the time not far from the highway, the puppy could at any moment get hit by a car. Fortunately, fate saved him from death. And then there was also a guardian angel who saved the unfortunate fool.

The young man noticed a dog rushing from side to side. He went up to him, took out his sandwich and gave it to the dog. He began to wag his tail in joy and lick the benefactor.


The guy couldn’t take the dog home. He saw that the animal needed treatment. So I called the stray dog ​​helpline. While the volunteers were on their way, the guy entertained the puppy.

Half an hour later, service employees arrived and took the dog with them. In the shelter, people cured all the sores of the dog, removed all the parasites. For the first time in his hard, wandering life, the dog was able to eat normally.

The puppy repaid the volunteers with a wonderful mood. People working in the animal welfare service said that in many years of work they had not met such a positive dog. They noticed that the dog is trying to reconcile quarreling dogs, helping newcomers adapt. Now they really hope that the dog will definitely find a wonderful owner or owners.



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