The story of the endless love of dogs for their owners. np

Everyone who has dogs at home knows that these are the most faithful and close creatures. They will always support in difficult times, will love no matter what, and will always understand a person. You can even trust dogs with your life.

When people get married, they give each other vows of fidelity. It’s not uncommon for people to forget their words, but dogs never do. Neither your social position in society, nor your appearance, nor the state of health will affect the love and devotion of your four-legged arch. His attitude towards you will not change, even when he becomes a parent himself. Dogs are more decent than people, kinder and more innocent. The love of a dog for a human will never end.


He always feels when I feel bad, and tries in every possible way to console me.

The child of my close friends sleeps only in an embrace with a dog.


And this newborn baby is only a couple of days old, and our pet is already showing tenderness for him.

Always support at the crucial moment.

Outdoor recreation.

He felt my position and excitedly pressed himself against my stomach.

Unreal surge of emotions.

Together forever.

The dog became the best friend of our 10 year old son.

Let’s hug.

For me, he is still a baby.

Support when you are sick.

Traditional morning hugs.

He is more interested in reading with the owner than running with other dogs.

All side by side when the beloved hostess fell ill.

My mother adopted the baby.

I felt bad and fell asleep. How did my dog ​​behave at that time?

Only true friends do this.

Do not be sad I’m with you.


When he is around, nothing is scary.

This is love!

The dog was upset that the owner takes a shower without him.       


True friend. 

The most reliable babysitter.

Age is not a hindrance.


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