The stray dog ​​had burns all over his body, but he only cared about the puppies! np

They poured boiling oil on her back

Sometimes people are so heartless and cruel towards homeless animals that the hair stands on end. A poor dog named Lina also fell victim to the inhumanity of one woman.

The mongrel recently gave birth to puppies, so she often scoured near residential buildings in search of something to eat. Once Lina was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


A stray dog ​​was found by a resident of the house. Instead of shooing the tramp, the woman decided to teach her a lesson in a more cruel way. The lady of the house poured oil into a frying pan, brought it to a boil, and then just poured it on the poor dog’s back!

Fortunately, a neighbor saw this egregious sight. He called animal rescue. Volunteers took Lina and her puppies to the doctors.

The dog suffered greatly from the oil – a huge burn flaunted on its back and head, and one eye completely leaked out …

The vets immediately began treating Lina. They were amazed that the dog, despite the pain, continued to feed and lick his puppies. One can only imagine what the poor thing went through! However, the maternal instinct won and overshadowed any pain.

Fortunately, the doctors managed to cure Lina. She was able to live a full life again, despite the fact that she was left without an eye. Puppies dogs volunteers gave in good hands. And Lina herself was soon able to find loving owners.



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