The student spent all his pocket money on food for homeless animals. np

Most Filipinos live below the poverty line. But they can boast of their immense kindness.

Today’s article is about a Filipino teenager named Ken Amante who helps homeless animals. It turns out that he buys food for them with his pocket money.

Ken was always indifferent to animals and could not pass by if one of them needed help.

Ken’s parents gave money for school lunch, and he secretly spent it on food for homeless cats and dogs. The boy hid this because he was afraid that he would be scolded for it.


The guy’s father noticed more than once that his son comes home hungry, and decided to find out the reason for this.

It turned out that Ken used all the money to buy food and went to feed homeless cats and dogs. The animals got so used to the boy that they always waited for him in a certain place.

All the boy’s pets were sick and starving. Ken was a real savior for them. The boy’s father was very touched by what he saw, and he decided to take a picture of his son in his occupation.

The man then posted on social media about his son and his noble work. Many people responded to this story and even started sending money to the teenager so that he could feed more animals.


Some time later, a decent amount of money was collected on Ken’s account, and he was able to fulfill his old dream – to open a shelter for homeless cats and dogs. The boy was only 9 years old at the time. It was the first animal shelter in their region.

Today, the shelter is already five years old, and it continues to function and help all animals in need. Thanks to the help of caring people, the shelter fulfills its purpose.

Ken is immensely grateful to his parents for their active participation in his life. The parents rented the territory on which the orphanage now stands on their own.

In this shelter, both cats and dogs find their salvation. Ken strives to ensure that his animals never feel hungry again, are healthy and cheerful.

The first inhabitants of the shelter were precisely those dogs that Ken fed when his father spied on him. It was a mother with her cubs. Today, these kids have already grown up and have found caring owners for them.


During these five years, they saved a large number of four-legged friends from starvation and found new families for them.

Ken dreams that there are as many such establishments in the Philippines as possible.


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