The unfortunate dog was so tightly chained that he could not even sleep. np

In October, a woman found a pet named Totopo on a chain in the yard of a Mexican house. The three-year-old pit bull had no food and water, and the chain on which the animal was sitting turned out to be so short that the poor man could not even go to bed. Only occasionally did he lean his muzzle against the chain in order to rest a little.


Not only that, Topopo had ringworm and advanced stage scabies…

On the ears of the pet, there were traces of either scissors or a knife … Probably, the owners stopped them on their own.

The woman, who noticed the unfortunate dog, could not stand it and knocked on the door of the house. She was greeted by the owners of Topopo and said that this was how they punished the animal. The dog chased the chicken, for which he paid …

By some miracle, a kind woman managed to persuade him to give her a pet. She then contacted her friend Matteo Saucedo, who runs an animal rescue center.

The pet was temporarily sheltered and immediately posted his photos with a story on Facebook. Soon a girl named Lacey, who lived thousands of miles away in New York, found out about him. She admitted that she had never seen a more miserable dog …


Lacey contacted the animal’s guardians and arranged for Topopo to be transported to New York. The girl is also an employee of the animal welfare society, and she decided to find a home for the poor thing at all costs.

A few days ago, Totopo, along with two paralyzed dogs named Temo and Cl arita, were taken to Lacy.


Topopo’s skin and coat have not yet fully recovered, and the wounds have not yet healed, but everyone around is surprised that the pet does not have any behavioral problems. As if he did not have to endure all that horror in the past. Lacey is amazed at how loving and affectionate the dog is.

The chick, which was tormented by the owners, felt happy. He acts as if he grew up in a big, comfortable house with love and care, but the rescuers know that this is not the case.

Topopo is the sweetest dog who loves all the people in the world and gets along great with dogs.

Many are interested in the pet and Lacey is sure that the best owners will be found for him soon.

I really want this dog to never have to suffer again!


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