The wolf was hit by a car, and now he was dying on the side of the road. But everyone passed… np

This story is about the fact that caring and compassionate people have not yet died out on our planet, who are not indifferent to the misfortune and misfortune of not only people, but also our smaller brothers – animals. Even if these animals are wild and dangerous.

This wolf was accidentally hit by a car. The car hit him and, without stopping, drove on. Barely moving its paws, the animal crawled to a ditch near the road and lay down there. The wolf’s hind legs were broken, he could not walk. In his case, this means almost guaranteed starvation – and even then, if other predators or carrion birds do not tear him apart. Everything would have been so, if not for a kind person who saw the beast and decided to help him. The predator himself must have been quite surprised, so much so that he did not even begin to resist.


This wolf is a breed of Arabian wolves. They live mainly in Yemen, Tunisia and Israel in small flocks in the same small forests of the Middle East. By themselves, Arabian wolves are not very large, they look more like dogs of medium height. Farmers and agricultural workers do not like them very much, because when they unite in flocks, animals attack livestock and mercilessly bully it.


Therefore, one should not be surprised that the driver who knocked down the animal drove on and did not even call the veterinarians. An animal with broken legs was noticed by another motorist. He named the wolf Oliel and took him to the animal clinic, where the wolf was helped to recover.

Subsequently, the predator was transferred to a special shelter for rehabilitation. For four months he was there, until finally he was released into the wild to his relatives.


At first, Oliel did not even believe that they were letting him go, but then, for no reason at all, he suddenly ran forward very quickly and soon disappeared into the nearby forest.

Another life saved!


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