There was a dog on the side of the road, he was wet, frightened and exhausted … np

Odra Petrashkene was heading home from Lithuania. She was driving along the river in her car when she saw a wet dog …

There was a dog on the side of the road, he was wet, frightened and exhausted …

The woman stopped and ran to the dog. As she approached, she saw that a weight was tied around the dog’s neck.


Facebook/Audra Petraskiene

Audra thought that the dog fell into the river, but it turned out that they wanted to drown her. The woman was furious!

Facebook/Audra Petraskiene

“Apparently, someone tied a heavy metal object around her neck and threw the dog into the river to drown her,” Audra’s daughter Andra told The Dodo.

The dog miraculously survived and made it to the shore.

“Who did this to you?” Audra said in shock as she approached the dog.

The woman immediately took her with her.

Facebook/Audra Petraskiene

Audra wept with pity for the dog. She brought the spaniel home, took off the anchor, which weighed almost 6 kg! It’s a miracle the dog survived!


Facebook The woman dried and warmed the dog.

Then Audrey took the dog to the vet. The doctor confirmed that the dog is healthy.

The woman reported the dog and the attempt to kill it to the police. We hope that the owner of the dog will be found and punished!

Audra and her daughter Andra love animals and will always come to their aid.

“I am very proud of her,” says Andra. “Mom loves animals and always takes care of them.”

The police did not find the monster who did this to the dog. The owner of the dog said that he loves the dog and was looking for her when she went missing. Perhaps one of his neighbors was involved in the incident, it was revenge on the owner of the animal.


While the investigation is ongoing, the dog will be in the shelter under supervision.

We hope the dog finds a home. Cruelty to animals is unacceptable for any reason! Hope this guy gets punished to the fullest!


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