These two happy dogs lived together for a long time, but then he appeared! Terrible family! np


Internet users are delighted with the charming photos of a pair of golden retrievers in love and their friend – a cat, who, it seems, is the third wheel, but this is not entirely true. The owner of these beauties runs instagram, which is completely dedicated to these three. And he has gained popularity thanks to the bizarre combination of two cute dogs, Watson and Kiko, and a funny cat, Harry, who constantly invades their privacy. However, this “invasion” is the secret of the success of the pictures below. Take a look at them too!


1. These two were happy together

2. Their lives were filled with simple canine pleasures and travel.

3. They made the life of their mistress bright and cheerful

4. But then he appeared … a cat named Harry

5. The owner also loves this funny cat very much.


6. But now the lovers are constantly in the company of Harry

7. Whether they want it or not…

8. But Watson and Tito are good-natured and well-mannered dogs who gladly accepted Harry into their company.


9. Despite the fact that Harry is a typical cat, they get along well with each other

10 They Now Share Almost Every Aspect Of Animal Life

11. And their joint photos conquered the entire Internet


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