They found a dying puppy in India and couldn’t leave him there… Now this dog has become a star on the Web! np

The story of this dog is reminiscent of the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” or “Kashtanka” with a happy ending. The hostess says that Chapati could have died on the Indian streets, being very tiny, but was miraculously saved, and now she has become a traveler and blog star. The dog found a loving family, visited 14 countries, and her pages on social networks help people not to part with their pets when traveling. We invite you to follow her difficult fate, which has become a fairy tale with a happy ending.


Meet Chapati!

This story might not have happened if Christina and Evgeny from Kyiv, who are vacationing in India, had not turned onto an unlit street, where they heard the heartbreaking cry of a puppy.

The baby was only a month old, and it became clear that she could not survive on the street

The couple imperceptibly carried the dog into the hotel, but it disturbed the peace of the guests in every possible way, whining and howling.

Later it turned out that the crumbs had a dislocated paw, she was exhausted by fleas, ticks and worms.

The saviors gave the unfortunate name “Chapati”, which in Hindi means “thin unleavened bread”, which she was like in thickness and color.

After going through many difficulties with the treatment of Chapati, Eugene and Christina realized that they became attached to her and could not give her to other people.

But taking a dog out of a foreign country seemed almost impossible!


Despite everything, the impossible is possible if you really want to. Young people began collecting documents for a new girlfriend, at the same time taking Chapati around India on trains as a hare. In the meantime, the visa was running out, there was almost no money, and Chapati was too small for the necessary vaccinations.

Do they really have to break up?

But Christina found a way out: on the pedestrian border between India and Nepal, according to rumors, there was not too strict control. The family decided at their own risk to cross it with a dog and … everything worked out!

So Chapati ended up in Nepal

Chapati grew up, acquired the necessary documents, and Thailand became the next point on the map of her adventures.

Now Chapati travels the world with his owners, who admit that this meeting was fateful not only for the little dog, but also for themselves.

Chapati is not just a traveling dog, but also an Instagram star, where the young blogger currently has 24.6 thousand subscribers, and also has a Facebook page.

In social networks, the story of Chapati’s adventures is conducted on her behalf, which captivates the audience even more


The information on the pages of Chapati is not only entertaining, but also useful: the task of the owners was not only to tell the world about their wonderful find, but also to help other people travel with animals, they didn’t eat the dog on this topic, but saved it.

In early February, the first lectures and webinars were held

And they have many adventures and new countries ahead of them.


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