This dog has a habit of bringing everything it sees to its owner. np

And she has a good, albeit very selfish reason for this.

Dogs are tailed children, and their owners confirm this fact. And just as parents share photos of their children, pet owners also show touching pictures of their pets, telling all their friends and acquaintances what their prankster has done this time. So Twitter user Travis Zander shared with followers a story about his dog, a golden retriever named Stella, who brings him everything that catches her eye – from the remote control to Travis’ phone. And she has a good reason for it!


The owner of a dog named Stella shared with subscribers a funny habit of his pet

Stella brings all sorts of things to her owner Travis

Even those that are clearly not worth wearing in your mouth

And just unnecessary empty bottles


And water bottles

Things that cannot be identified at a glance

And also the most important item in the house – the remote control

She also worries that the owner always has something to drink.

And eat


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