Three lap dogs were abandoned on a rural road and hid in an old tire from the heat. np

Someone dumped three small lap dogs on a deserted dead-end road near the town of Maskoy, California, and the dogs hardly had a chance to survive in the blinding heat.

They accidentally managed to find an old car tire and hide inside it from the scorching sun, but they would not last long.

Luck turned to face them when one of the dogs was noticed by a rare driver passing by.

A white dog, looking like a matted lap dog, was sitting on a pile of old household rubbish on the side of the road. The driver called the local dog rescue society Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue.


“People, unfortunately, often prefer to get rid of dogs in a similar way,” says the head of the society, Faith Esdale, “We often go out to rescue dogs from fields, roadsides, underpasses, and this area is one of the worst for such cases.”

Faith sent her friend Cassandra Aldridge to retrieve the dog, but when the woman arrived at the spot where the dog had been seen, she found it inside an old car tire along with two other dogs of the same size. The poor animals tried to hide inside from the hot sun.

The dogs were already very lethargic from dehydration and Kassandra didn’t pull them out one by one, but simply lifted the entire tire completely and placed it in the back seat of her car.


It was not known how long the three dogs spent on the road, but it was clear from their appearance and dirty matted hair that their owner had long neglected to take care of them. The black dog was most likely a cross between a poodle, the breeds of the remaining two dogs remained unclear, probably a cross between a Shih Tzu or a terrier.

In the veterinary clinic, the foundlings were given nicknames in honor of the brands of car tires – Michelin, Pirelli and Kumho . All dogs suffered from fleas and general neglect. They cut their hair, brushed their teeth, and carefully redeemed them. After that, the dogs began to look much more attractive.

“We found out that Pirelli and Kumho recently gave birth to puppies. They still produced milk and we don’t know what happened to their puppies.”

Most likely all dogs were used on the so-called “puppy farms” – illegal kennels that sell puppies of popular breeds at discounted prices. Most likely, their owners thought that all three dogs “worked out their term” and would no longer be able to give birth, and therefore they were thrown like garbage on the road.


Now all three dogs are being rehabilitated by volunteers, they have been microchipped, sterilized, and have received all vaccinations. When the dogs come to their senses, they will begin to look for new owners.


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