Three small dogs were left on the road, and they hid from the heat in an old tire. np

The dogs that were found on the road in California were very small. If people had not come to their aid, the animals would have simply died due to the terrible heat.

They were saved only by a miracle, having found a tire thrown by someone near the road and huddled into it. The tire shielded them from the sun. But this could not save them for long.

The driver of one of the cars, driving by, noticed a small dog quite by accident.


She was sitting on the side of the road, perched on a pile of rubbish. The man immediately called the rescuers and reported the tramp.

Rescuers often face such situations. Many people leave their pets like this: on the roads, in the fields, in the passages. This happens quite often in this area.

When one of the volunteers arrived at the site, she discovered that the dog was not alone. Three animals huddled inside an old tire, dreaming of being rescued.

The dogs are already severely dehydrated. They looked very weak and unhealthy, unable to walk on their own. The volunteer did not touch them, so as not to harm them. Instead, she simply shifted the tire to the back seat of her car. The dogs did not resist this.

It was not clear how long these tramps had been in the scorching sun. But they were very dirty and hungry. Either way, the owner took very poor care of them. The dogs looked like mixtures of different indoor breeds, but it was difficult to figure out which ones.


Veterinarians examined the foundlings. They all had fleas. In general, the condition of these animals was very far from satisfactory, despite the absence of serious diseases. The dogs were very emaciated. They were thoroughly washed and trimmed. After that, the kids began to look much better than before.

Two of the three dogs were females who had recently given birth and were still milking. Rescuers were unable to find out where the puppies had gone.

Most likely, the dogs fell by the wayside after living in an illegal kennel. Such organizations breed puppies of expensive breeds, which everyone dreams of, and sell them for little money. Perhaps the owners considered these poor creatures useless, because they had already given birth to puppies, which means there was no sense in them. So they threw them on the road like unnecessary garbage.


At the moment, the dogs live in the homes of volunteers. They received all the necessary care, from vaccinations to the installation of chips. After the rehabilitation course, the babies will be able to move to new homes with loving owners.


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