Three years in an animal shelter brought the dog to despair. She lost hope. np

Jessie is a Border Collie and she is very unhappy.

Three years ago, a dog lived on the streets of Thailand. But, one day, volunteers took her and sent her to the States. In this country, she had much more chances to find owners, but, alas, it did not work out.

The dog continues to live in a shelter located in the huge city of New York, and many other homeless animals live next to it. Beth Zimmerman, an employee at the shelter, said that recently, Jessica is constantly sad and unhappy. In the shelter, the animal feels very lonely.


Why is it so difficult for Jessica to find a loving owner? It’s just that she gets used to strangers a little longer than others, she cannot immediately trust a person. Despite the fact that she looks like a sullen and angry animal, in life it is the other way around. Jessica is afraid of strangers, but she behaves kindly with the shelter staff, knowing their kindness.


The shelter workers, for their part, are doing everything possible to find a new family for Jessica. Thanks to these people, the dog has online profiles on rescue sites, information about it is spread all over the Internet.

Unfortunately, this did not bring Jessica closer to her dream. And wow, it’s been nine years. She intuitively understands that no one wants to take her away. Therefore, she humbly lowers her muzzle to the floor, as if reconciling herself with her fate.

Jessica saw that new owners were coming for other pets. And she was only taken in for a short time by a volunteer when the shelter was being repaired. The dog liked to live in the family. And when they brought her back, she began to feel blue.


Jessica loves to walk outside with people she knows well and is used to. The shelter staff sincerely hope that Jessica will find a new home. She really needs a loving and patient owner.

We hope this story has a happy ending.


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