Touching story: Blind dog Tao gains new confidence when his guide, Oko, is by his side .15

Golden retriever Tao, 11, from Somerset lost his eyesight last year but he now has his own ‘guide dog’ Oko, aged just 16 weeks. An adorable video shows the pair out on a walk together. Ailing retriever , Tao, 11, sadly lost his eyesight to glaucoma last year which prompted his owner to seek out him a furry friend.


Oko met Tao when he was just eight-weeks-old , the two have an amazing connection with eatch other.A video shows the inseparable duo from Shepton Mallet, Somerset, walking together and therefore the pair also enjoy playing a game of tug of war.

Tao’s owner Melanie Jackson from Shepton Mallet, Somerset says that Oko is an incredible companion and buddy for her little dog who needs help.

‘We were told his second eye will need removing to but we were ready to control the pressure for a couple of weeks by applying eye drops.’

After removing Tao’s second eye on Jenuary, the pooch was taught new commands for when he would be totally blind.


Despite Tao’s difficulty the two have the sweetest bond with one another and they are inseperable. They enjoy each others company and have found their own way to communicate and play. How cute!

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