Ugly dog ​​wanted to be euthanized, but he still managed to find a family. np

The Weimar Hound, nicknamed “Murray”, due to a congenital deformity of the skull, looked, to put it mildly, ugly. She was distinguished by an unusual shape of the muzzle and a large nose.

But fate prepared the next test for the still small dog. He fell ill with a very dangerous disease – canine distemper.

This disease affects the nervous and respiratory systems of animals, especially. About 30% of animals die from this disease even in puppyhood.


Murray and his two brothers are picked up on the beach of the city, which has the ambiguous name “Dead Dog Beach”. It has such a name because all people who want to get rid of their four-legged pets bring them here.

Murray’s brothers died from the plague, and he stubbornly clung to life. He was taken to the veterinary clinic to be euthanized. For some reason, people thought that the dog would not be able to find owners, since he had noticeable defects in appearance.

But the veterinarian was never able to give the puppy a lethal injection, he was very sweet and friendly. The dog was assigned to an organization to save homeless animals.


The plague had its negative consequences for Murray. Having been ill with this terrible disease, he lost all his teeth, because of which his tongue constantly hung out of his mouth. Congenital and acquired defects doubly reduced the chances of a happy life of a dog in the family circle.

But for Mackenzie Galant, from the US state of Massachusetts, Murray’s unusual skull shape was unusually attractive and set him apart from other dogs.

To transport a dog to the USA is still the same organization for the protection of animals. Now Murray lives a happy life with loving and caring owners. And he also has his own account on the Internet, with the help of which the girl is trying to convey to the milestones of the inhabitants of the planet the importance of saving animals with congenital and not only defects. For her, Mrray is a separate person who never has a bad mood.


According to Mackenzie, their family has no idea how they lived without Murray before. They express special thanks to all the volunteers from Puerto Rico who are involved in saving homeless animals.


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