(Video) Irresistible Seduction! 10-week-old lion cubs take part in fun fights on their first outdoor adventure with mother Zuri taking care of them at Woburn Safari Park .15

Heart-melting footage has been released from Woburn Safari Park of two lion cub brothers as they take their first steps outside.

The pair were filmed venturing out of their lion house and into the bright autumn sunshine at the Bedfordshire safari park.

Their mother, five-year-old Zuri, leads the way into the field, with the pair never too far behind.

As the two begin their exploration, they appear reluctant to leave each other’s side, seeking safety in numbers.


The pair explore the new environment with great caution at first, never leaving one another’s side as they creep into the outside enclosure at Woburn Safari Park, Bedfordshire

Playtime begins! Quickly reassured that the new space is safe it isn’t long before the boisterous cubs begin shoving at each other hoping to incite play

Mother Zuri has been known to be quite protective of her two new cubs, not liking anyone to get too close if she can help it

The family seemed to enjoy their time out in the cool fresh air and autumn sun outside Woburn Safari Park’s lion house

The cubs are more than happy to play with Zuri, as their father Joco is nowhere to be seen

Clean behind your ears! Even though the cubs are getting bigger, Zuri can’t resist her maternal instincts to look after her boys

Paws for thought: The pair stop their play as they realise they’ve caught the attention of the photographer

Zuri reacquaints herself with all of the smells that drift through their outside enclosure

The pair look extremely at ease, drinking in what’s left of the sun as the seasons begin to change

Cheeky smile: The cubs are now just over two months old and are expected to be named soon, following a naming competition at the park

Growing up fast! The pair have grown a lot since they were last pictured in August at around one month old (above)

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