(Video) The kind man who is not indifferent to the pained cry of the poor little dog struggling in the middle of the filthy dump is igniting a great chance of survival. my

It was a typical morning for the rescuer, who had just finished his morning run and was on his way back home. But his routine was about to be disrupted when he noticed a crowd of people in front of the Central School. Curiously, he walked towards the gathering, only to be met with a disgusting sight. A huge pile of garbage was scattered all over the place, and people were rummaging through it, looking for something valuable.


As he got closer, he heard a faint whimpering sound. He followed the noise until he found a little puppy lying on the ground, screaming in pain. The poor thing had been injured, and his hind leg was bleeding profusely. The mother was whimpering softly, but the people around seemed oblivious to the puppy’s agony. They were too busy with their own affairs.

The rescuer couldn’t ignore the puppy’s plight. He knew that he had to do something to help him. He picked him up and rushed to the nearest vet, who took care of the injury and gave him some medication. But being a stray puppy, he had no one to look after him, and he was too weak to move around.


The rescuer just couldn’t leave him there, so he decided to take him home with him. When he got home, he called one of his friends, who is also a dog lover and runs an NGO for stray animals. He explained the situation to him, and his friend immediately offered to provide free treatment, medicine, and food for the puppy for the next few days.

They took care of the puppy together, and his friend would come over to his place with food and medicine. They knew they had to take turns looking after the puppy. Gradually, the puppy started to recover. His wounds began to heal, and he became more energetic. Soon, it was time for them to return the puppy to his mother.

They took him back to where they found him and reunited him with his mother. Few days later, the puppy was able to stand on his own. This experience taught the rescuer that even though some people may be oblivious to the plight of animals, there are still those who are willing to step in and make a difference. He hopes that this story inspires others to do the same and help animals in need.


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