What to do if a dog attacked you: 5 important tips. np

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A dog, of course, is a friend of man, but it also happens that an animal can attack and bite. Everyone is at risk. If at least one dog from a pack of stray dogs starts an attack, then very soon the rest will join it. To avoid an attack, you need to follow the following tips.


Be calm if the dog began to growl and bare his teeth

If you are not lucky enough to meet a dog with obvious signs of aggression, it is very important to keep your cool. No need to scream or run away from her. Slow down all your movements. The dog will perceive all sharp actions as an attempt to attack it. You need to pretend that the animal is not interesting to you. Look at it only from the side.

Protection Actions

You need something to isolate yourself from the dog and protect yourself from bites. It can be a bag, a jacket or any other item. Fighting off the dog is better with fists and legs. The most sensitive area in an animal is the chest.


No need to break out if the dog has bitten. So he’ll just get tighter.

By moving quickly and trying to free yourself, you only make things worse for yourself. She will grab you with her teeth more painfully. Try to grab the animal’s hind legs with your free hand. After that, the animal in most cases opens its jaw.

Cover your neck if you are on the ground

There are arteries in the neck that a dog can bite into in no time. Therefore, the most important thing if the dog knocked you to the ground is to protect your neck.

Important to remember

Do not yell at the dog. This will not intimidate her, but on the contrary, will anger her. The surest way is to ignore it.


You can switch attention to another object, for example, by throwing it to the side.

You can very carefully pick up a stone or stick from the ground. Show that you are armed.


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