“What’s wrong with your dog?” The owners share pictures where their pets were caught at the wrong time. np

There’s a funny thread on Reddit “What’s wrong with your dog?” Do you think that only people have unsuccessful (or successful, it’s how you look!) shots with a crooked smile and closed eyes?

Dogs have even more of them, and treacherous owners prove it by posting the most “brilliant” moments. Well, how not to post it if they are asking for memes and gifs!


“Yeah, wait, I need to think.”

“When it’s treat day, our dog goes out of his way to get the best photo”

“I tried to take a cute photo with my little dog, but she yawned at the most inopportune moment”

“Looks like she needs glasses”

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“We are Venom!”

“Please, I don’t want to go outside!”

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“When I came home, I found them like that. They didn’t invite me.”

“To avoid cutting his nails, he hides in the towel basket”

“M … cutlets!”

MMmMMMmmMmmmmm… MEEeaatBAaaAAaaLLs

“Not exactly the best photo”

“Good morning, Sunshine!”

“Meet Timmy!”

“How does he manage to sleep like that?”

“Lucy thought she was a guinea pig”

“He was sure that he was cool hiding”

“Ready for an emergency landing”

Kobe and Sasha. Sasha thinks Kobe is weird”

“I’m catching!”

“My Kelly Becomes a Satanic Beast at Meal Time”

“Winston just wanted to say hello. But the photo on the avu came out so-so “


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