When the dog was taken away from bad owners, it was impossible to recognize a handsome Malamute in it. np

Thank you for saving this beauty!

In October 2018, the Mississippi Shelter received information that several dogs were in poor condition. They were confiscated from bad owners and brought to a shelter. An Alaskan Malamute named One was in such poor condition that staff were unable to immediately identify its breed.


The dog was immediately taken to the vet. The dog found a temporary home.

This is a dog named One.

He spent his whole life on a chain

The dog had a neglected skin infection, he completely lost his hair. Also, the dog found wounds, problems with teeth and diseases of internal organs.

His temporary mistress was Sidney Shelkopf

On the first day, the dog was scared. He had never been in the house and didn’t know what to expect. The dog sniffed all the corners, poor Odin lay in one place and did not know what to do next.


Time passed and the treatment paid off

One got used to people and realized that they would not offend him. He is more tender

Look at this handsome

He loved walking

One became handsome


Do not recognize in this handsome that exhausted dog

This is his friend named Thor.

Sydney fell in love with Odin so much that she could not give him away and left him with her.

From now on, he is a happy and beloved dog.


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