Wild dogs do not know “heaven is high and the earth is thick”, attacking and besieging lions. np

The brave mother lion alone fights with the hungry wild to help her cubs escape.

Tourist Shalin Fernando was exploring by car in the Moremi wildlife sanctuary in Botswana when he spotted a lioness and her cub surrounded by a pack of wild dogs.


Wild dog attacks lion.
Wild dogs are focused on attacking the mother lion.

When a pack of wild dogs consisting of at least 9 cubs tried to find a way to attack the cub, the mother lion decided to risk her life to break the siege to let her cubs escape.

The cub was able to escape and hide in the bushes in the distance, after the wild dogs gathered to attack the mother lion.

“I am very worried for the lioness and her cubs,” said tourist Shalin. “Fortunately, the mother and daughter are finally safe.”

Shalin Fernando said they saw a pack of stray dogs the next day, including one that was bitten and limping.


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